As an introvert I am tuned in to the personality traits and frustrations of how introverts tick. I remember when I was at first school and had to talk to the class in morning assembly. I still remember the shortness of breath, my knees physically shaking and not having a clue about what I was saying.

Do  you relate to my feelings of being out of control and breathless?

Have you felt overwhelmed and held back because you are unable to get your message across in a confident way?

Do you tend to just accept that this is how you will always be , and it is pointless trying to overcome your shortfalls?

Small steps to being heard

These small steps you can take to being proud of your beautiful personality and encourage you to embrace your introverted qualities.

1. Walk into a room and smile

It’s as simple as that.  Remember , that everyone likes a happy, beautiful smile rather than a glum face. 

2. Look into my eyes

Eye contact is such a lovely thing to do and its amazing how many people find it uncomfortable to look straight at someone. If you are smiling and looking straight at someone, it gives an open feeling and connection to that person.  You will be noticed with your radiant persona. 

3. Really listen

How often do you listen to someone speaking , but actually you do not hear a word they are saying because you are too busy thinking what to say? Well, practice listening to the conversation and take in what they are saying. Who knows you might learn something and voila , you will have something to say. 

4. Problem solving

Did you know you really are very good at problem solving. You tend to contemplate and research before you make a decision. How powerful are you ! You have a great skill of offering good advice to your friends and they love you for it. So, perfect that skill and know that you if you can solve problems in a logical way , use them to solve your introvert barriers and you will unleash your superpowers. 

5. Tell your story

Does that fill you with a cold sweat ? Me too ! However , I actually love the challenge of speaking.  I am not going to say it will always be easy , but , it is the most lovely step to take.  One of the problems of being an introvert is being heard and I bet you find it easier to just be quiet and accept it. Well, social media is really a great way of telling your story.  Keep practising and just do it. 

6. Nature or nurture

I love finding out about my family history and getting to know how events in your life affected your personality . It is a very emotive subject on how you were brought up and we can blame our past for our personality.

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