Living creatively is something everyone can do to bring pockets of joy into your everyday life. I firmly believe everyone has a pinch of creativity living somewhere deep inside them, so I’ve collated seven ways to embody creativity into your everyday life to let your inner creativity out.

Here you can expect to find artsy ideas, lifestyle tips and a little peep into my own creative world! Whether you’re dabbling at handmade crafts or you’re seeking serenity from the chaos of everyday life, now is your chance to switch off from normality and wholeheartedly enjoy the creative goodness at your fingertips.

1. Surround yourself with inspiring things

Celebrate your eccentricities and surround yourself with beautiful things that inspire you. Add quirkiness and joy to your home decor by playing with textures, colours, and patterns throughout. Use splashes of colour or go the whole hog and turn your space into a riot of colour and pattern, whatever makes you happy! Antique shops and charity shops are great places to find interesting one-off pieces.

2. Listen to your inner child

Most children enjoy creating in some description whether it’s painting, making, or playing. Connect with your inner child, find out where your passion lies, and let them take over once in a while. If you’re not sure what you enjoy, experiment! Try painting, writing, photography, or any number of other wonderful crafts and see which ones you like best.

3. Make a habit of it

Getting creative is a great way to remain healthy and happy so make some space in your diary to do so. In the same way that most people designate time for the gym, work, and seeing friends; make time for creativity. It takes several weeks for something to become a habit so stick with it and enjoy your little bit of “me time”.

4. Create space

It could be as small as a designated painting drawer or as big as a whole room. By creating designated space for your creative things to live in, you also create designated headspace for them. That drawer will call to you while you’re watching TV, and before you know it, you’ll be painting along to Strictly!

5. Be open-minded

Believe in yourself and be open-minded about trying new things without judgement. Leave censorship, criticism, and self-doubt at the door; instead, welcome encouragement and warmth and see where they take you. Believe in yourself and consider your “what ifs” – let go of limiting beliefs and explore ideas fully before dismissing them. You may not be the next Picasso but if you enjoy what you’re doing, who cares!

6. Take note

You could physically take a notebook and pen with you everywhere you go or snap pictures on your phone. By being present and taking note of interesting sights, sounds, and smells you’ll see that inspiration is everywhere. Invite it into your life and see what changes. Not only is being present fantastic for your wellbeing, it’s also a great way to encourage creativity.

7. Leave fear behind

Other people’s opinions should never be a factor in your choice of outfit, decor, or lifestyle (unless those choices directly impact them). Wear what you like. Style your home to your tastes. Be your true self and see how completely freeing it is. Age-appropriateness is a myth, if it makes you happy, wear it! 

If you need a helping hand to embody creativity into your everyday life, get in touch with a haberdashery expert, workshop host and creative living advocate (me)!

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