Looking at where you went wrong in your life , can be heartbreaking or it can be empowering. When I closed The Sewing Box in 2019, I was lost and broken. I needed time to heal and find a new path. I really believed I needed to start again.

Two years on the journey to living well is still evolving , but when you open your eyes and see you are still turning the wheel and are actually enjoying what you are doing , then you know you are on the right path. Open your arms to the areas that you love and follow your dreams. 

I can help you live your creative dreams

My workshops and products are not just about my life , I want them to be about yours too. 

1. Find out what is missing

Once we know what we are missing in our lives, we can then build creative bridges.

2. Find out what is wearing you down

Once you identify what is holding you back, you can stop doing that. It is that simple. 

Don’t give up on your creativity

The Sewing Box was part of my life for over 35 years. I really thought it was done and dusted and I could move on to new ideas. Little bits of the shop started to emerge while I was building my new business Jill Fenwick Creates. Yes, I still loved textiles. Yes I still loved nature and exploring. I loved pottering about in my creative room and building a portfolio of photographs, small textile creations, writing journals and inspiring others to follow their journey too. 

Problem Solving

Creativity is all about problem solving.

1. what colours shall I use? What fabric is best ? What story am I trying to tell? Do I want it to be free and abstract or detailed and delicate?

My business is all about these questions and I will help you find the solutions and clarity to continue your creative journey. 

Now you know, start your journey

We all have moments of being stuck. When you are so stuck you are powerless to move forward and spend your days just existing and not bothered what happens. I really can help you with that. My expertise in the textile trade and the life events that have defined me and my motivation to help you with your creative barriers , really will set you free.

Lets Begin now……

Join my workshops for a few hours of mindful creativity. 

Contact me for more information on workshops hello@jillfenwickcreates.co.uk 

How much fun will it be to spend a few hours on some creating as well as some personal development strategies.  

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