I know how much creativity plays a part in maintaining good mental health . I am passionate about finding new ways to encourage you to get clarity on what makes you feel healthy and happy.
My son, Stuart came home from London after not being home for a long time. This article is all about what a wonderful place we live in and all the adventures we did that encompass how creativity and learning make life pretty amazing.

Do you struggle to find places to visit?

Do you feel guilty doing something that you love so that you end up not loving it ?

Do you tend to put off going to different places as you can not find the time.?

Exploring Markets

Tynemouth Market is a wonderful venue to explore at the weekends. Spend a couple of hours pottering around the variety of stall holders.  Find a stall that you cant help delving into. I found some gorgeous selections of vintage lace and silk hankies. Stuart loved the pottery vases which will be perfect for his flowers on his narrow boat. 

Vintage Finds

Once you start going into antique shops, you will be in your happy place.  Your inquisitive, creative mind will be awakened by the joy of precious products with a deep and special history to them.  There are so many unique shops to encourage your mind to feel happy. Start exploring around Northumberland . A few of my favourite are in Corbridge, Wooler and Morpeth.

Walk, Listen and Learn

Pack a picnic, put your hiking boots on, take a notebook and pen and find some beautiful walks. Sometimes we learn more and feel positive if we take time out to spend with friends and family. Allen Banks is the perfect place to feel grounded and encourage creativity with amazing wild flowers, stunning scenery and special places, Plankley Mill is like stepping back in time. 

Gardens to Explore

Northumbria Flower Farm and Millpond Flower Farm are two special places that produce British grown flowers and my son Stuart from Bria is passionate about using what we have in this country and encouraging us to have British flowers in our homes. What better way to encourage us to create and to enhance our good mental health.

Time to Relax

The past year has been about finding out what we love and how we can make life better. Continue to explore and learn and create everyday. Spending time with friends, sitting in the garden and chat, explore the unique gardens that friends and family have nurtured . 

Learning From the Past

It’s amazing how much knowledge my dad had when it came to wild flowers, birds and places around Northumberland. When he was an agricultural fertiliser representative , he knew most farmers and names of farms and Sillywrea Farm near Bardon Mill was the most magical place with a history of using horses to work the land. 


Create – photograph. Take pictures of vintage finds in antique shops and explore ideas to create something. Explore – country walks along rivers and public footpaths. Become a National Trust member and be inspired by what our historical buildings have to offer. Learn something everyday. Relax everyday and love your creative life. 

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