Are you an introverted creative or a creative introvert?
How about embracing both and stop thinking that being an introvert is a bad thing.
What is an introvert anyway and do you shy away from anything that challenges your nature?

Introvert qualities that empower you.

Have you always felt that being an introvert has held you back from living a full and inspiring life? You can give yourself a title and live by that persona , without challenging it. 

I am an introvert and the subject intrigues me and I love delving into the minds of introverts and finding out about the traits that can be embraced rather than smothered. Let’s start the journey with you and find out what makes you so special.

Love who you are

We can be very quick to criticise ourselves for our actions or lack of them. Before you jump straight in, take your time to assess the situation ,

What are you feeling  – angry, frustrated, scared, bored ?

Now, change the words from angry to happy, frustrated to new challenge, scared to excited, bored to contemplation.

This simple task is just a start to changing the way you love yourself and starting to embody a creative introvert with no judgement.

Find out what you love

If you keep that mindset of loving yourself , you will find that you will be attracted to things that you love . 

Walking in the local wood and listening to the birds and wind in the trees. 

Reading a classic that you have been meaning to read.

Cooking a new recipe. Write down new ideas everyday, no matter how small. 

Famous introverts

It doesn’t have to be hard and difficult to be an introvert.  Here is a list of famous introverts.

Sir Isaac newton, Albert Einstein , George Orwell , Steven Spielberg , J.K. Rowling. 

It would be a different world without the quiet people . 

Attend one of my workshops

Introverts make up an important part of my creative business and I cant wait to inspire you to join the introvert movement and celebrate all that we have to offer.

If you’re interested in attending a workshop and would like to know more, please get in touch, I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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