Antique sewing box


Looking for something unusual to keep your creative collections in.
Vintage sewing box is a delight and conjures up memories of past times.

Inspire you to create . A journey of your life with details that make you feel content.

Antique sewing box with old deep pink silk fabric detail inside.

Where do you keep your little collections and memories?  In a boring cardboard box or even a carrier bag. Creativity is thinking outside the box !! This lovely vintage sewing box has so much history, it’s a bit tattered but that makes it special. Keep a few of your sewing haberdashery or letters , photos, jewellery. Lots of inspiration and will look so pretty on a shelf.

Always on the search for old boxes to put bits and pieces into. This is such a pretty box and will be lovely for putting sewing things or memorabilia . Its a great solution for all your secret or precious trinkets/ photos/ jewellery/ threads, or whatever you feel right.

The silk detail is beautiful and I have left it rather than trying to repair. There is something special about leaving it in the state it was found . Tell your own story and note how it makes you feel.

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