Embrace Your Memories

The power of memories to create your future

Memories are moments of our lives that inspire us.

Do you look back on memories and feel pain and sadness? 

Do your memories keep you stuck ? Are you wondering where I’m going with this?

What if I told you that I have the answers to making your future feel amazing . Your memories are the key and I can help you unleash your creative power. 

This is where the magic starts by really looking at the detail of your past and turning them into new ways to create. Paintings, stitching, journals, letters, collage ,writing, stories , the list goes on and on.


Do you know who you are ?

The older we get the more memories we hold onto.  That is a fact of life . 

Memories  –  Sad, Bad, Happy, Nostalgic.

1. Family events ie. Weddings. Births. Birthdays. Reunions.

2. Growing up ie. Our first home. Favourite toy. School days. Clothes. TV. Days out. 

3. Our family tree ie.  Past careers, Where they lived . Historical events. 

4. Painful events ie. Divorce. Death.  Financial difficulties. 


Time to Change the Story

Don't just wallow in your past, take it , embrace it and learn how to continue a new chapter by looking at the little details and using all your senses to create a new way to live.

What's your purpose ?

When you are feeling stuck in your life. You are repeating the same daily tasks and not really getting anywhere, in your work, rest and play. If I told you I could change that by helping you create the life you have dreamt of and continue to grow and learn what you are capable of.

Maybe you are fed up with your career and want to change direction, maybe you wish you could tell your children all about your past in a handmade book , full of your scattered photos,  beautiful handwritten stories . Maybe you want to make a special birthday card with hand stitching , collage of bits of fabric and dried flowers. I am passionate about bringing out the best of you and helping find parts of your creative skills that you didn’t know you had.

I can not wait to find out all the memories you hold and how they become part of your exciting journey.

 please get in touch and let us start the journey. 

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